Paraffin Wax Treatments/Hands and Feet: 25.00
Paraffin wax treatments are used to moisten and soften the skin on the hands and feet. Individuals who experience seasonal dry skin often find paraffin wax treatments to be helpful in relieving dry cracked heels and knuckles.

Ear Candling Session: 30.00
Ear candling cleans the ears by unclogging earwax build-up and loosening or drawing out impurities from the ear canal with warm air and smoke. The candle is actually a hollow cone made from strips of cloth and beeswax. The smaller end of this cone is inserted inside the ear. The larger opening of the cone is lit to create a flame

Raindrop Therapy: 30-110 Raindrop Therapy is a powerful, non invasive tool for helping to correct defects in the curvature of the spine that may be created by viruses or bacteria that lie dormant along the spine. These pathogens create inflammation, which may disfigure the spinal column. Raindrop Therapy uses a sequence of highly antimicrobial essential oils designed to simultaneously reduce inflammation and kill the viral agents responsible. Principle oils used are thyme, oregano, birch, cypress, peppermint, basil, and marjoram. The oils are dispensed and massaged alongside the vertebrae.

Specialty Treatments
Seaweed Wrap: 140.00
Salt Glow: 140.00
Mud Wrap: 140.00

Each of these specialty treatment sessions are about 2hrs in length

Each specialty treatment has great benefits such as:
Relieves joint pain and discomfort, as well as general body aches
Detoxifies the body by flushing out negative toxins
Can help treat eczema, and many others

With the wrap process, your skin is left feeling cleaner, softer, tighter and, thereby, more youthful which promotes overall well being and leaves you with that ReNu'd feeling.

The Specialty treatments are upon request and a prescheduled appointment. When calling please specify which treatment you would like to receive.

ReNu U Massage

ReNu U Massage

ReNu U Massage